Share the pleasure
of discovery

Our mission

First ever Quebec establishment brewing beers and distilling spirits under the same roof, the Oshlag Brewery & Distillery was born out of a desire to do things differently.

Located in the heart of our neighbourhood since 2016, we explore possibilities, embrace innovation, and proudly represent the authenticity of our local traditions.

A thirst for discovery

We thrive in creating unique new products that let us escape the daily grind, explore innovative perspectives, and learn more about our surroundings, but nothing beats the pleasure of sharing these new, freshly acquired experiences, which allow us to continuously push our boundaries.

From our beers to our spirits, and without forgetting our seltzers, we encourage you to share your discoveries with others, which will contribute in making them ever better!

Our values shape our approach

Together, We Move Forward

The vitality of our neighbourhood inspires and guides our actions daily. It even inspired our name! We love the collaborative spirit established in the community, where everyone brings a little bit of themselves to create a vibrant and authentic life. This togetherness is part of our identity.

The Oshlag Twist

Our creativity, whether in our products or from within our team, pushes us to explore unprecedented possibilities, which allows us to proudly offer unique signature products.

Curiosity is Key

Nothing is more fun than to share our latest discoveries with our loved ones. But what we love above all is the opportunity to let ourselves explore new horizons, ask questions, and share our knowledge, whether it’s with our customers or within our team.

Inciting Pride

We are proud of the products we bring to the table, and we are particularly proud of the people who allow us to do so. Whether it is our employees or our local producers, we are committed to proudly represent their accomplishments and inspire others to do the same.

Our Team

Master Brewer

Alexandre Bessette

“Oshlag is synonymous of exploring off the beaten paths.”

You cannot but notice Alex’s pride when he talks about his work at Oshlag. He is proud to be putting forward local expertise and ingredients in the creation of our products, and he is also proud of the team spirit that prevails in the brewery.

Through his different experiences in the brewing industry, Alex has been able to discover, experiment and most importantly, create. And that is exactly what he continues to do with our mash tuns, experimenting with unique flavours that proudly represent what we call the Oshlag twist. Exploring off the beaten paths is what we do!

Alex continues to surprise us with great products like our Mangue sure (his favourite!), which makes us are very proud to have him on our team.

Master Distiller

Mark Chapuis

“We thrive to innovate, do things differently and explore new ideas.”

When you quit engineering for a distillery, it’s a true passion call! That is what Mark, our Master Distiller, did before joining the Oshlag team. Always ahead of the trends, curious to try different flavour combinations and a great connoisseur of the industry, Mark clearly landed at the right place.

Throughout all his endeavours, Mark is driven by a desire to innovate and create products that allow for the discovery of little-known or little-used flavours. Fuelled by an exchange of expertise between the brewery and the distillery, he loves pushing the boundaries to create unique signature spirits.

This desire to do things differently inhabits Mark and allows him to come up with new ideas that eventually become delicious spirits, which we can all enjoy.

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