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Brewers' challenge

A mission was bestowed upon our employees: we challenged them to get off the beaten track and come up with a creative & bold beer in line with Oshlag's mission. The winner will have the pleasure to brew, bottle and launch his creation in collaboration with the brewery.

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  • % ALC./VOL.N/A
  • AvailabilityWinter 2018


The Oshlag Brewery exclusively produces bold and creative seasonal beers. Our wish is to surprise beer lovers by developing high quality products that will stand out from the current offer.

From experimental recipes to special projects and subcontracting, our discovery potential and will to shatter the standards of conventional brewing is limitless.


Martin Thibault - Les Coureurs des boires

One thing is clear: we have always wanted to establish a partnership with craft brewers as innovative and inspired as we aim to be. The idea for a special line of beers developed in partnership with Les Coureurs des boires was an inexorable choice for us.

Every single beer born from this range of products will be researched, developed and brewed in partnership with Martin Thibault, blogger and co-author of the brewing "bible" Les saveurs gastronomiques de la bière. With his insatiable thirst for knowledge that mirrors our own energy, we hope to reveal forgotten and uncharted styles, for your pleasure as well as our own.

Subcontracting breweries

We are honoured to welcome a cluster of talented brewers to benefit from our installations and expand their own brewing capacity.

L'Espace Public
Vox Populi
Bièrerie Shelton
Matera Brasseurs Tonneliers
Microbrasserie La Memphré

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