Through our different beer series, we put forward various products with the aim tomaking you discover unique and authentic flavours, while promising to always reach Oshlag’s highest quality standards.

We are proud to present you with a wide variety of beers that is sure to pique your curiosity and encourage you to discover your new all-time favourites!

Regular series

Available year-round, our beers from our Regular Series proudly represent our desire to offer well-known styles, enhanced with Oshlag’s unique creative touch!

Verified by Aliments du Québec, these beers are proudly made with local ingredients.





Stout Blanc



Nano series

The Nano Series is known for its low alcohol and calorie content, without compromising on quality, freshness and flavour!

Nano IPA

Nano Blonde

Nano Blanche

Seasonal series

Highlighting Oshlag’s expertise and creativity, the Seasonal Series deconstructs the possibilities by offering ambitious brews that are sure to delight those who wish to push their limits and discover unique flavours!

Mangue Sure

Pomme Grenade

Gose Cassis

Limited edition

When you see these products, be quick! As the name of this series indicates, they are only available for a limited time, which does not prevent them from being remarkable beers that will push your desire for discovery even further!

Caramel Salé

Forêt Noire

Stout S’mores